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We are proud to be one of the very few high street independent estate agents which offers a dedicated and specialist Park Homes department. Having worked in the Park Homes sector for many years, we are highly experienced in the buying and selling of these homes.

We are able to offer assistance with the Mobile Homes Act, park rules, valuing, marketing and selling your Park Home. If you are looking at buying your first Park Home, we can assist you in the purchasing process and can guide you through.

To buy or sell a Park Home, it is not necessary to pay for the services of a Solicitor – The choice is yours! If you decide to save that money, we can help and deal with the legal documents that are required in the purchase or sale. We do not charge an extra fee for this service and offer it to make your life easier.

Having been one of the UK's largest Park Homes Specialists estate agents, we have a huge database of people looking solely for Residential Park Homes. We get many enquiries from people asking us to source a Park Home in a particular area or on a park. Being recognised for this, we get lots of potential vendors asking us to market their home on the open market or discreetly. We have been very successful over the years at matching buyers with their next dream Park Homes before they even hit the market.

For those that are unsure exactly what a Park Home is, here are some frequently asked questions. If there is not one that meets your query, please feel free to email [email protected] or telephone 01995 213101.

What is a Park Home?

A bungalow style home which is built in a factory and transported to a private park. A timber framed construction but with insulation and cladding found on most modern built homes.

Can I live in a Park Home permanently?

As long as you purchase a Park Home with a Residential License you will class this as your main and full time address. A Park Home with a Leisure License will only ever be classed as a holiday home and therefore you will not have the protection of the Mobile Homes Act.

What are some of the benefits of living in a Park Home?

  • Bungalow style single level living
  • Normally cheaper than a bricks and mortar bungalow
  • Set within a private park of like minded people who like the community living
  • Built to full BS3632 building standards and benefit from good insulation, central heating and energy efficient boilers
  • Cost effective
  • Available in a variety of sizes from small single units to large twin units
  • Protected under the Mobile Homes Act

Does a Park Home automatically decrease in value?

A Park Home can increase or decrease in value like a traditional built home. If it is well looked after and situated on a desirable park, then it can hold its value for many years. Park Homes tend to last for around 70 – 80 years and like with anything need keeping up to date. If a Park Home needs vast modernization when it comes to sell, this will in turn have an effect on the saleable value.

Do I have to 'upgrade' or 'renew' my Park Home?

No, is the simple answer. As long as you purchase a Park Home with a Residential License, then there is no end date to the license and there is no need, rule or expectation to upgrade or renew a home. Under the park rules, there will probably be a clause about home maintenance. There will be an expectation that homes must be kept in good condition – this in turn will help keep a park looking its best and will hep with the resale value of homes.

A property with a Leisure License is very different and more often than not will have a 'License End Date'. This means the property will probably have to be removed from the site or replaced with a new one.

What happens to my Park Home if I should or die?

When you purchase a Residential Park Home, it is a good idea to put the property into your will. A beneficiary cannot automatically live in the property, however they can easily sell the property should they not meet the requirements of the park rules to live there. This link will give you further details

Can I have friends and family live with me?

Any person moving into the property at a later date than purchase, will need to be authorized by the park (normally). They will want to ensure that anyone living in the Park Home meets the parks requirements within the park rules. Remember that usually, a Residential Park will have a minimum age limit to live on the park and this will be agreed and signed by you upon receiving the park rules.

Can I have friends or family visit and stay with me?

Of course! The Park Home will be your home. You can have visitors to stay, however you will probably find that there will be a limit of how long visitors can stay. Remember that any visitors will be expected to adhere to the park rules for the duration of their stay.

Do I pay Council Tax?

Absolutely. As long as you buy a Park Home with a Residential License, it will be classed as your home and you will have to pay Council Tax as you would in a traditional bricks and mortar property.

What costs can I expect to pay on a regular basis?

As in a traditional built property, there are costs for day to day living. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Council Tax
  • Pitch Fee (The fee payable to the park, normally monthly)
  • Gas, Electricity & Water – These could be to suppliers of choice or to the park (Depending on the park)
  • TV License
  • Internet

What happens if I want to sell my Park Home

You can sell your Park Home through any estate agent of choice. Love Park Homes are specialists in the Park Homes industry and have many years experience in helping you throughout the full process.It is important to remember:

You will have to pay the Park 10% of what the home is sold for.

It is your choice if you use a solicitor or not.

We will deal with the marketing and sale of your property and a solicitor is not legally required if you choose our service. We do not charge extra for the sale process and your set fee will be all you have to pay us.

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